The ‘causality dilemma’ of “Which came first, the JOBS or the DEMAND?”

The  ‘causality dilemma’ of  “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” To ancient philosophers, the question about the first chicken or egg also ignited the question(s) of how life and the universe began in general. So I ask: “What is the axiom that will  unequivocally acknowledge and then attempt to remedy the ill societal ramifications we are now experiencing due to exponential technology and medical advancements?”

That being, the vaporizing of the jobs that the lagging human species are not done with just yet, so to speak. A species that is living longer than ever (longevity), from same exponential rate of medical advancements.

More and more people and fewer and fewer jobs, is recipe’ for social and economic disaster if not at least acknowledge and plans made to address.  And stop living in oblivious denial of the ill side-effects of exponential technology growth?

The same can be said for the precarious employment and economic doldrums we NOW find ourselves in. “What came first the JOBS or the DEMAND?”

We need one to make the other happen and vise-verse.

On top of all that above. Now add in the ‘monopolistic corporation behemoth’ formations from market consolidation and centralization, creating a machine that relentlessly seeks maximum profits and cuts operating cost (outsourcing jobs not just to other countries but to machines) to appease the Masses/Stockholders.

I think that axiom will be what Rick Santelli said on CNBC the other day:

“Listen up Steve Leisman….the lines at the unemployment offices will be getting exponentially longerrrrr”~Rick Santelli

Will it be civil unrest from societal and economical collapse?

Mr. President, how’s about’ the audacity of creating some JOBS?


*An equivalent situation arises in engineering and science known as circular reference, in which a parameter is required to calculate that parameter itself.

A circular reference is not to be confused with the logical fallacy of a circular argument. Although a circular reference will often be unhelpful and reveal no information, such as two entries in a book index referring to each other, it is not necessarily so that a circular reference is of no use. Dictionaries, for instance, must always ultimately be a circular reference since all words in a dictionary are defined in terms of other words, but a dictionary nevertheless remains a useful reference. Sentences containing circular referents can still be meaningful; is circular but not without meaning. Indeed, it can be argued that self-reference is a necessary consequence of Aristotle’s Law of non-contradiction, a fundamental philosophical axiom. In this view, without self-reference, logic and mathematics become impossible, or at least, lack usefulness.

In classical logic, the law of noncontradiction (LNC) (or the principle of non-contradiction (PNC), or the principle of contradiction) is the second of the so-called three classic laws of thought. It states that contradictory statements cannot both at the same time be true, e.g. the two propositions “A is B” and “A is not B” are mutually exclusive.

In the symbolism of propositional logic, the law can expressed as “¬ (P ∧ ¬P)”.

The law of noncontradiction, along with its complement, the law of excluded middle (the third of the three classic laws of thought), are correlates of the law of identity (the first of the three laws). Because the law of identity partitions its logical Universe into exactly two parts: a “logical object” and everything else, it creates a dichotomy wherein the two parts are “mutually exclusive” and “jointly exhaustive”. The law of noncontradiction is merely an expression of the mutually exclusive aspect of that dichotomy, and the law of excluded middle, an expression of its jointly exhaustive aspect.

In traditional logic, an axiom or postulate is a proposition that is not proven or demonstrated but considered to be either self-evident, or subject to necessary decision. In other words, an axiom is a logical statement that is assumed to be true. Therefore, its truth is taken for granted, and serves as a starting point for deducing and inferring other (theory dependent) truths.

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Mr. President, how’s about’ the audacity of creating some JOBS?

I decided to specifically use the word audacity in the title of this blog, for its meaning of being bold and having an arrogant disregard of the normal restraints. I believe that sums up exactly what is required for future employment of the citizens of the United States of America.
President Obama has a ‘big jobs speech’ slated for after Labor Day Holiday (ironic…yes?) I suspect, but am hoping more so, that it will unequivocally acknowledge and attempt to remedy the ill societal ramifications we are now experiencing due to exponential technology and medical advancements. That being, the taking of the jobs that the lagging human species are not done with just yet, so to speak. A species that is living longer than ever into life(longevity), from same exponential rate of medical advancements. More and more people and less and less jobs, is recipe’ for social and economic disaster if not at least acknowledge and plans made to address.

Some would argue that with new technologies comes new jobs. That is true is some sense. But when you apply the fact that manufacturing and labor doesn’t take nearly the people it once did via computer efficiency, automation, mass production, robotics, etc. That argument holds less and less water, for about the last 10 years. The same theory can be applied to “peak oil demand.” Consisting of the world using an ever lessening amount of oil, due to the never-ending pursuit of more and more energy-efficient automobiles and technologies. And also in home heating efficiency technology. It even cancels out the planned demand expected from emerging and underdeveloped countries that will be using more and more auto’s and building infrastructure. Because the are not starting with the Ford Model-T technology. They are staring with 60-70mpg vehicles. And it does not take the 5000 worker assembly line workers, on 3 shifts, going 24 hrs a day to make them today either. Also look at the birth and implementation of horizontal drilling techniques did to saturate the Natural Gas market/supplies in the USA.
Just look at the supermarkets automated check out machines in lieu of human employees and people they have to pay and insure. To GPS technology that operates farm equipment (tractors and harvesters) without even an operator for the whole day. Just turn it on and it goes out all day and works. Fully automated warehouse and shipping and processing facilities with hardly any workers in them. Look at what home computing has done to level the playing field for information/data to render the old school stockbroker obsolete. The finance industry has resorted to hiring commentators/pundits for employment. For technology had gutted that career like a fish. We all reside in the instantaneous information and trading age now.

I live near Atlantic City NJ. When the casino industry did away with the coin operating slot machine and went to voucher paying. That little technology change vaporized 30,000 jobs that are never coming back to the city )probably 200,000 PLUS more nation wide in the industry). From the people who counted and collected the coins(hard-count) to the not as many slot mechanics needed now and the change attendants. Police and firefighters jobs are becoming obsolete due to exponential advancements in technology creating an instrument to ultimately replace them. Don’t feel too bad though, for old school crooks and crimes are almost obsolete in tactic as well. I for one, am for a vast reduction of police presence and employment in our society. And not just in Atlantic City, but across our nation. The advancements in technology has made that a possibility today, without the ill side effects of social disorder/anarchy. Them same advancements are the reasons that during this current economic recession, we have seen a crime rate reduction across America. As compared to the traditional rise in crime rates, that in the past have accompanied recessionary times. This anomaly is solely due to the fact that “old school crooks and crimes” are almost obsolete in tactic in today’s society. It’s pretty difficult to be an old school crook per se nowadays. We have advanced sophisticated nano camera technology. GPS tracking, enhanced significantly police communications and response times to crimes. The use of DNA technology to solve crimes both active and cold case status. We have traffic light cams that remotely mail you a ticket with a photo of you running a red light. If you have EZ Pass, and are timed between toll booths that exceeds the maximum speed and MPH calculation between two points. They can mail you a ticket for speeding. The list goes on and on. Point being, we don’t need as many cops in society as before, like in our infancy as a country. Unless it is to now employ the masses, and to grow the govt job sector. Via the “Prison Industrial Complex”. There is BIG MONEY in the housing, guarding, rehabilitation, feeding, and supervised release of State writ sentenced prisoners. So that has to be considered. The same can be said for the amount of firefighters we have today. Things don’t burn like they once did. We also have in place now building and fire construction codes, that lessen the amount of fires. We have fire suppression and monitoring. Enhanced response times and newer more efficient fire fighting techniques and equipment. The invention and implementation of fire-retardant material construction. Them points right there make a strong case for at least some consolidation amongst logistically feasible fire stations in the USA. That’s why in Ray Bradbury’s classic: Fahrenheit 451. The firefighters in the future have nothing much to do, but go and burn book banned by the Govt or Google or Wiki in future. That is their job and purpose in the future in the book. Funny thought there, while writing this.

I am reminded of Judge Smails(The late great Ted Knight) from the movie Caddyshack, and his infamous employment line. When Danny was sucking up to him for the ‘Law school Caddy Scholarship’.the Judge replied: “welllllllll the world needs ditch digger too Danny”. Problem is nowadays it don’t take as nearly many people to dig ditches and not everyone can be a lawyer or a doctor. And we have a population growing exponentially that needs ditch digger jobs so to speak!

Judge Smails Clip…lol

On top of all that above. Now add in the ‘monopolistic corporation behemoth’ formations from market consolidation and centralization, creating a machine that relentlessly seeks maximum profits and cuts operating cost (outsourcing jobs not just to other countries but to machines) to appease the Masses/Stockholders.

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords took a 9mm bullet to the back of her head, it exited through her eye socket, and she lost massive amounts of bodily blood on the scene.

But yet in today’s modern medicine world, she will more than likely be giving the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2012. That wouldn’t have been the case, as little as only 10-15 years ago in trauma medicine. Hence the exponential advancement of medical technology, and where that will take us in regards to immortality as a species one day. Down to the radio communications call that went out when it (shooting) happened, and was responded to by EMS. From the nowadays instantaneous test results/diagnostics/vital signs at scene and in the Emergency Room. To the response time of EMS due to better and faster vehicles and remote control traffic light controlling technology to make all lights green on way to hospital. From discovery of Penicillin to fight infections. The X-Ray technology making exploratory surgery and trauma to body no longer necessary to diagnose and treat. Child Birthing conditions. The list goes on and on. The biggest thing is clean drinking water and sewer removal. That has done more for longevity of the species than anything. And just think of all the heavy populated countries now living in squalor that are about to develop civilized infrastructure that will eradicate a lot of disease and increase world population figures and longevity.

200 Years that CHANGED the WORLD! Great vid take a minute and watch it…

And the understanding of the human genome (DNA) and the technology to create and screen for disease and imperfection and correct human specimens to regenerate the gene pool for generation after generation after generation.

It is all relevant! And increasing at an exponential rate. That can not be denied or argued otherwise.

The President is about to get a new top economic counselor. I
am a little impressed by his pick. This guy at least has a grasp on population growth and exponential technology growth hindering our species now instead of helping it at this moment. Where even sustaining economically let alone growing is a major problem forward.
He has touched on this is past studies and affiliations.

The White House has announced it plans to nominate Alan Krueger of Princeton University as the next top economic adviser to President Obama. Krueger, 50, served as the Labor Department’s chief economist during the Clinton administration, and a look at his ‘curriculum vitae’ reveals that much of his research has focused on issues of employment and wages.

He surely has more irons in the fire than say General Electrics CEO Jeffrey Immelt, who president Obama chose to head his Economic Jobs Council. This man is an outsourcing and job cutting specialist. I think the Obama Admin blew this one for sure.
Can the amount of future job creation keep pace with the rising life expectancy and exponential advancements in technology? What is the remedy if jobs can not be created quick enough or if ever? Give people a check/ stipend/money? That expires if not spent in certain time, thus to prevent hoarding and to drive consumerism or investment in the markets?

Here is an idea: Starting tomorrow, 48 Governors can put 300,000+  people to work in one month! With no more than a signature of a pen. PUMPING GAS in their states!

additional notes:

“In the past 500 years the curve entered the sharper upward slope. Mechanical computing devices were introduced approximately 150 years ago (Babbage’s Differential Engine design). A half-century later the U.S.census was processed by machines. Another fifty years to the first electronic computers. Since then Moore’s

Law has been in effect with processing power doubling approximately every eighteen months. Moore’s law follows a more linear trajectory; however within the context of over a million years of technological change it’s a point on the exponential curve. What’s most exciting (or disturbing depending on your perspective) is

that we are just now entering the part of the exponential growth curve that is steep and accelerated.  Increasingly accelerated exponential growth is further evident in how, in little more than a decade the world

wide web has proliferated. Or how in a matter of few years since its introduction, web-based social networking has hundreds of millions of users. Or how in a matter of days a new iPhone app is being used productively by tens of thousands. This exponential growth and proliferation of technologies, services and knowledge contradicts our conventional, linear mode of thinking. It is imperative to get our heads around this paradigm shift and plan accordingly.”

The Lights in the Tunnel: Automation, Accelerating Technology and the Economy of the Future (Paperback)  By Martin Ford

“Other reviewers have summarized the book in detail, so I won’t. I’ll just emphasize the bottom line:

Machines are fast approaching humans in terms of *mental* labor capacity, not just *physical* labor capacity. In the past as machines took over much of our physical labor, we were then free to turn to more valuable mental labor. But once machines take over much of our mental labor, then what do we turn to for employment?

The author makes a very compelling case that this situation will arise, and likely within the next few decades. And he also lays out some rather bold suggestions to delay the shock of the resulting high unemployment and allow us to transition to an inevitably new type of economy as smoothly as possible. Though, even with these suggestions, I expect this transition is not likely to be smooth.

This book is a very important, frank discussion of a pending time-bomb for our precious mass market economy. Read it and recommend it to others. And think about how you and your family and friends will manage the forthcoming transition. ”!/pages/Lights-in-the-Tunnel/145229482171278#wall

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To Talk Titanium…One must bow down and pay homage to Harold Simmons

First off, to even begin to talk Titanium and it’s businesses. One must bow down and pay homage to Harold Simmons. A controversial man over the years in the business and the political affiliations arena of the worlds richest. Him and his family are very generous and philanthropic. But this man did not get to where he is today and not step on some throats (I love it) along the way. His business genius is almost unparalleled in American industry, and American business law. Whose banking expertise helped him develop the acquisition concept known as the “leveraged buyout” (LBO) to acquire various corporations,  “all debt and no equity” philosophy of capital management (ironic considering the debt ratios of his holdings now are very low)  Also genius with regards to how over the years he structured his empire, via their holdings of each other and the Contran Corporation < (The BIG Dog) of them all BTW. For advantageous tax reasons and to KEEP SOME USA JOBS HERE. Simmons conducted a widely publicized but unsuccessful takeover attempt on the Lockheed Corporation , after having gradually acquired almost 20 per cent of its stock. Some say to bust the unions and liquidate the pension fund (Isnt that what Gordon Gekko / Wall Street tried w/ BluStar Airlines?…lol)

Just check out the last SEC disclosure Exhibit 99 filing of this company. 

(note: Poor yourself a drink before doing so…you will need it)

SEC 99..poor that drink

Mr.Simmons is 80 yrs old right now. Contran is operated by Mr. Steven L. Watson, who is 60+yrs old. Glenn Simmons, Harrods brother is also well in years.

What Contran Corp owns:

Titanium Metals Corporation (TIE). $18
Kronos Worldwide Inc. (KRO) $57

Valhi, Inc. (VHI) $29

CompX International Inc. (CIX) $14.75
NL Industries Inc. (NL) $14.66
Keystone Consolidated Industries, Inc. (KYCN.OB) $6.36/(KYCN.PK)$7.50

I think two different listens for Keystone is for bankruptcy proceedings here…an not sure just yet.

He, or Contran I should say, also might be getting ready to consolidate everything under one company now and go public with it. Keystone Consolidated Industries, Inc. (KYCN.OB) might be that. Contran just filed purchase stake on them. It’s a thought. And w/ the actions of the past,  anything is plausible here.

Let me tell ya what I THINK he did recently. And this was slick. I am also not sure just yet. But the timeframe seems to be right. I will know when I check these IRS fillings Monday. I say this because a new trust for his grandchildren per some recent SEC fillings have been stoked with stocks of late. Ya see, that’s the edge I look for. It is like being a bookmaker, and know if the quarterback took his girlfriend for an abortion the day before. Or if some point guard owes his cocaine dealer $2500. EVERYTHING is relevant is the gist. And in todays times with the harnessed collective of the web. Some say it causes a very grey area at the least, with regards to what is insider info or not. That is one of the pitfalls before leap upward in the harnesses collective conscience to Internet has brought to our species. The web is a big puzzle of money, ya just have to know where the pieces go and where to look for them pieces.

In this particular case. I wanna know where Mr Simmons thinks his grandchildren best interest and stability lay going forward.
Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax
March 16, 2011
Form 706 Now Available on IRS Website
 As of yesterday 3-15-2011, Form 706 is now available on the IRS website.

•Form 706-GS(D):  Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Return for 2010 Distributions
•Form 706-GS(T):  Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Return for 2010 Terminations

In 1986, Congress enacted the federal Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax (GST Tax)

Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Opportunity Expiring on Dec. 31, 2010

The recently enacted Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010 (Tax Relief Act of 2010) made several changes to the estate, gift, and generation-skipping transfer (GST) tax laws. The primary modifications were a retroactive increase in the lifetime exclusion of $5 million for estate and gift tax purposes and a reduction of the tax rate on the excess to 35 percent.

Less publicized were changes to the GST tax, which was also reinstated retroactively to Jan. 1, 2010, with a $5 million exemption. However, transfers made during 2010 aren’t subject to tax. The GST tax is a separate tax assessed on estate or gift transfers to grandchildren (or other “skip persons” – unrelated individuals who are at least two generations younger than the grantor) where the property is not subject to either estate or gift tax for the donor’s child.

Therefore, individuals who want to transfer assets to grandchildren or to other skip people may do so without incurring GST tax and also without using any of the grantor’s otherwise-available GST exemption, but only if the transfer is completed during 2010.

There are two primary ways to utilize this 2010 benefit and avoid any GST tax: first, outright gifts either directly to grandchildren or trusts exclusively for them, although the gift would be subject to the regular 35 percent gift tax (for example, if cumulative lifetime gifts exceed $1 million in 2010); second, transfers to grandchildren from previously existing trusts prior to Dec. 31, 2010

Industrial and emerging markets sectors – With its unique and desirable physical properties, titanium can be used in a number of other end-use markets. Established industrial uses for titanium include chemical plants, power plants, desalination plants and pollution control equipment. Rapid growth of the Chinese and other Southeast Asian economies has brought unprecedented demand for titanium-intensive industrial equipment.
*TIMET (TIE) has an ownership interest in a joint venture, XI’AN BAOTIMET VALINOX TUBES CO. LTD. (BAOTIMET), which produces welded titanium tubing in Xi’an, China.
Titanium is accepted for many emerging market applications, including transportation, energy (including oil and gas) and architecture. Although titanium is often more expensive than other competing metals, over the entire life cycle of the application, we believe titanium is a better value alternative due to its durability, longevity and overall environmental impact. In many cases customers also find the physical properties of titanium to be attractive from the standpoint of weight, performance, design alternatives and other factors. The oil and gas market, a relatively new, potentially large growth area, utilizes titanium in certain down-hole casing, critical riser components, tapered stress joints, fire suppression water pump systems and saltwater-cooling systems. Additionally, as offshore development of new oil and gas fields moves into the ultra deep-water depths and as geothermal energy production expands, market demand for titanium’s light-weight, high-strength and corrosion-resistance properties is creating potential new growth opportunities. We have resources dedicated to the research and development of alloys and production processes to promote the expansion of titanium use in this market and in other non-aerospace applications.

Although we estimate emerging market demand presently represents less than 5% of the total industry demand for titanium mill products, we believe the emerging market sector offers many opportunities, and we have ongoing initiatives to actively pursue and expand our presence in these markets

Distribution. We sell our products through our own sales force based in the U.S. and Europe and through independent agents and distributors worldwide. We also operate eight service centers (five in the U.S. and three in Europe), which we use to sell our products on a just-in-time basis.
I am going to pitch Metals USA Holdings (MUSA)
And US Ecology (ECOL) to clean up all their mess…….to Contaran

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Did you know that Mexico is officially known as the United Mexican States?

“Our statements must be judged by candid readers who are intelligent enough to lay our words alongside life as they are able to observe it. If our word and their observation agree, the case is made. It is perfectly silly to begin to damn us before it has been shown that our statements are baseless or reckless.”~ Henry Ford


Did you know that Mexico is officially known as the United Mexican States? It is!

The USA combining with Mexico will pose a ‘very advantageous geographical national defense stand point.’ Mexico is bordered on one side by USA . On another side is the Pacific Ocean. On a third side is the Gulf of Mexico, and the fourth border would be a patch of rugged mountains and forests near Guatemala, about 625 miles long. Compare the almost 2000 mile long border and it’s current security staus to that. No brainer, eh?

This is also noteworth when reading this further:

The imagined community is a concept coined by Benedict Anderson which states that a nation is a community socially constructed, which is to say imagined by the people who perceive themselves as part of that group.

(To me this is like > The Tea Party, the sense of deep patriotism felt across America after 9/11 from an imagined or unimaginable enemy at the time. Does Osama Bin Laden even exist?…I wonder)

Imagined Communities

In developing his theories, Anderson observes that the notion of “nation-ness” is, in the recent years, becoming a principal force in many aspects of modern thought. Both the rapid expansion of the United Nations, and the political unrest caused by conflict between and within “sub-nations” around the world (Imagined 3), are evidence that nationalism is, indeed, recognized as modern political moral hegemony.

Yet despite the influence that nationalism has had on modern society, Anderson finds the origins of the concept inadequately explained and recorded. His purpose in writing Imagined Communities is to provide a historical background for the emergence of nationalism — its development, evolution, and reception.


Anderson defines the nation as an “imagined political community that is imagined as both inherently limited and sovereign” (Imagined 7).

The Nation is . . .

Imagined because “members . . . will never know most of their fellow members . . . yet in the minds of each lives the image of their communion” (6). That is, the possession of citizenship in a nation allows and prompts the individual to imagine the boundaries of a nation, even though such boundaries may not physically exist.

Limited because “even the largest of them . . . has finite, if elastic, boundaries, beyond which lie other nations”. The fact that nationalists are able to imagine boundaries suggests that they recognize the existence of partition by culture, ethnicity, and social structure among mankind. They do not imagine the union of all under one massive, all-encompassing “nationalism.”

With that being saide, and before serious debate and theory can be discussed. Or you can even begin to compose script of snark, to tell me what an idiot I am.

Trying to find unique ways to provide jobs to our lagging species, while undergoing vicious tearing of the societal mesh per se,  ie the ill economical societal effects due to the exponential advancements technology and medicine. Creating a species that is on the cusp of immortality (imagine what the unemployment numbers will look like then). To tech advancement in efficiency and automation decaying exponentially the amount of jobs needed for a species to sustain let alone grow from here.

Seeing who (what country or Union of thems) has the best business plan for sustainability going forward.  No doubt, it’s the vastly under developed counties right now. The USA has shot it’s load, so to speak. We need to take some bold steps here soon. Here is couple more below and links. Home schooling in USA at home via the Internet. And making gas stations hire fuel attendants. Simple, but creates jobs. They could take CASH out of USA society as we know it today. Go to a debit device/card society with a  tax flat transaction tax. But make a BOLD step. Combine with Mexico. There’s plenty of precedence I will show you.  And some logic in seeking growth by any and all means. The Mexican Cession of 1848 was the last time we used Mexico to jump-start our stalled growth engine so to speak. It opened the western USA  expansion. Heck, look at the GOLD RUSH migration of 1849 the very next year. Ya know how many schools we could build there. Hi tech ones. Roads, municipal buildings, etc. Dont let a unifying action or even be the reason why. That would be a WAR with them or a WAR with China or someone else who we have to combine with for defense from.

What it’s all about and why we’re in this spot!

This would also be the undeniable action of the USA, that would announce the official beginning of New North American Union!  One with a new currency pegged to not only the proven reserves of natural and {{economic resources}} of that Union. In this case, The Unites States, Canada, and the vastly underdeveloped (growth engine) of Mexico.  Comprised of the natural resources, The Solar Belt prime real estate. The new area or canvas to implement the latest alt energy building and living techniques. The beauty comes in not making it one state or territory. But breaking it up to about 15-20. That is where the infrastructure and vast economic growth comes in.

And the first Mexican who utters the phrase “you took my job” when i get there…I’m punching in the face….lol (Occam’s razor Jobs)

48 Governors can put 300K+  people to work in one month! Starting tomorrow (Home schooling via web)

In Response to Gov. Christies 5 year tenure evaluation plan: It’s Elementary My Dear Watson!…..pun totally intended! (cashless society)

Best thing Apple can do right now, is buy Visa Inc.

In stock market analogy : The USA has been a great stock to own the last 200 years. Ever since it was young and hungry and in seek of growth. Then it became like many stocks and company’s in the market the get so big they can no longer grow. Even know the seem cheap, the growth is just not there. They might have paid growing dividends of the years. Like the USA has done from the package debt of it’s taxed citizens. When cash flow equals less than two times the div. They usually cut the div ya know. Well the USA is now in danger of TAX revolts from not only the most TAXED (poor people on daily basis of LIFE)….but also the super wealthy in lieu of the tax hikes announced recently buy the Obama Administration. So now the USA’s stock is looking unhealthy to the world in the scheme of things, and the bigger picture. Has the USA became the RCA of yesterday, the Microsoft and APPLE of today?

I’ve read many articles,papers, and a few books on this theory of making Mexico part of the United States. Some specifically on Mexico, and the others in the theory of the formation of The New North American Union (NAU). Most authors use the term and method of “annexation”.

ANNEXING MEXICO -Solving the Border Problem Through Annexation and Assimilation ~ Erik Rush

Read more: The case for annexing Mexico

I disagree with that!


Is the “de jure” incorporation of some territory into another geopolitical entity. A formal act whereby a state proclaims its sovereignty over territory hitherto outside its domain, either adjacent or non-contiguous. Unlike cession, whereby territory is given or sold through treaty, annexation is a unilateral act made effective by actual possession and legitimized by general recognition. It can also imply a certain measure of coercion (strong arming), expansionism or unilateralism on the part of the stronger of the merging entities.

Annexation is frequently preceded by conquest and military occupation of the conquered territory. Occasionally, as in the German annexation of Austria in 1938, a conquest may be accomplished by the threat of force without active hostilities. Military occupation does not constitute or necessarily lead to annexation.

During World War II the use of annexation deprived whole populations of the safeguards provided by international laws governing military occupations. Changes were introduced to international law through the Fourth Geneva Convention that makes it much more difficult for a state to bypass international law through the use of annexation.


Act of, or to cede, is the assignment of property to another entity. In international law it commonly refers to land transferred by treaty. Ballentine’s Law Dictionary defines cession as “a surrender; a yielding; a giving up.” In contrast with “annexation”, where property is forcibly given up, cession is voluntary or at least apparently so. Usually territory is given or sold through “treaty.”

Some history:

In the 19th century, the United States acquired land from France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Russia, and annexed the Republic of Texas and the Republic of Hawaii.

The Gadsden Purchase (Venta de La Mesilla, or “Sale of La Mesilla”) was a 30,000sq-mile region of present-day southern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico. It was purchased by the United States in a treaty signed by James Gadsden, the American ambassador to Mexico at the time, on December 30, 1853. It was then ratified, with changes, by the U.S. Senate on April 25, 1854 and signed by President Franklin Pierce, with final approval action taken by Mexico on June 8, 1854. {{The purchase was the last major territorial acquisition in the contiguous United States, adding an area the size of Scotland to the United States.}} One square mile is 640 acres, therefore 19,200,000 acres.

NEWLANDS RESOLUTION :To Provide for Annexing the Hawaiian Islands to the United States.

Approved July 7th, 1898. WILLIAM McKINLEY

{{There shall be no further immigration of Chinese into the Hawaiian Islands, except upon such conditions as are now or may hereafter be allowed by the laws of the United States; no Chinese, by reason of anything herein contained, shall be allowed to enter the United States from the Hawaiian Islands.}}

The Mexican Cession of 1848 is a historical name in the United States for the region of the present day southwestern United States that Mexico ceded to the U.S. in 1848, excluding the areas east of the Rio Grande, which had been claimed by the Republic of Texas, though the Texas Annexation resolution two years earlier had not specified Texas’ southern and western boundary.

The United States of America had taken actual control of the Mexican territories of Santa Fe de Nuevo México and Alta California in 1846 early in the Mexican-American War, and Mexico acknowledged the loss of Texas, New Mexico, and California in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which was signed on February 2, 1848, ratified by the U.S. Senate on March 10, 1848, and by the Mexican government on May 19, 1848.

Mexico acknowledged the loss of Texas and New Mexico in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, signed February 2, 1848.

Texas Annexation of 1845: The independent Republic of Texas long sought to join the U.S., despite Mexican claims and the warning by Mexican leader Antonio López de Santa Anna warned that this would be “equivalent to a declaration of war against the Mexican Republic.”

James Buchanan, Secretary of State, later 15th President of the United States (1857-1861) Article XI of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo contained a guarantee that the United States would protect Mexicans by preventing cross-border raids by Native American tribes. At the time the treaty was ratified, Secretary of State James Buchanan had believed that the United States had both the commitment and resources to enforce this promise.Historian Richard Kluger, however, described the difficulties of the task:

“Commanche, Apache, and other tribal warriors had been punishing Spanish, Mexican, and American intruders into their stark homeland for three centuries and been given no incentive to let up their murderous marauding and pillaging, horse stealing in particular. The U. S. Army had posted nearly 8,000 of its total of 11,000 soldiers along the southwestern boundary, but they could not halt the 75,000 or so native nomads in the region from attacking swiftly and taking refuge among the hills, buttes, and arroyos in a landscape where one’s enemies could be spotted twenty or thirty miles away.”

In the five years after approval of the Treaty, the United States spent $12 million ($292,355,600 today) in this area, and General Winfield Scott estimated that five times that amount would be necessary to police the border. Mexican officials, frustrated with the failure of the United States to effectively enforce its guarantee, demanded reparations for the losses inflicted on Mexican citizens by the raids. The United States argued that the Treaty did not require any compensation nor did it require any greater effort to protect Mexicans than was expended in protecting its own citizens. During the Fillmore administration, Mexico claimed damages of $40 million ($974,518,500 today) but offered to allow the U. S. to buy out Article XI for $12 million ($609,074,100 today). Fillmore had proposed a settlement that was $10 million less ($243,629,600 today).

Side note: {How similar is that to  the Mexican Drug Cartel border issues at hand today!}

And you have to giggle at the irony of us spending huge amounts of money at the time, even way back then on this separation with Mexico. I always said, “the easiest way to get someone(s) to do something that you want them to do, is to make them think they have no other choice.”

That might lend strong credence to the extreme unrest we’re seeing in Mexico of late. And the border security issues on both the media and political stages!

The Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo ended the Mexican-American War, but there were issues affecting both sides that still needed to be resolved: possession of the Mesilla Valley, protection for Mexico from Indian raids, and the right of transit in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which brought an official end to the Mexican-American War (1846-1848) was signed on February 2, 1848, at Guadalupe Hidalgo, a city north of the capital where the Mexican government had fled with the advance of U.S. forces. To explore the circumstances that led to this war with Mexico, visit the Teaching with Documents lesson, “Lincoln’s Spot Resolutions.”

The Pierce administration, which took office in March 1853, had a strong pro-southern, pro-expansion mindset. Louisiana Senator Pierre Soulé was sent to Spain to negotiate the annexation of Cuba.

Nothing great was ever achieved without someone taking a risk along the way!

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What’s hurting Apple $AAPL the most here @$350

What I feel is hurting $AAPL the most here @$350 shr? Is one,  just
that > $350 smackers is alot of capital to lay “dead in action”, with no div payout,
and $60bb in inflation reactionary CASH on books.

But this right here is also culprit > THE ETF BUYING MACHINES
are wrapping up shop. (for multitude reasons for another post) And nobody is here to pick up the buying slack. Not to mention thin trading action in broad over all markets.

Lets remember the very timely and convenient creation and mass market
implementation of the ETF market and vehicles.

Well now the machines are done buying to lace/stoke em, and it’s starting to look
like the Ghost Town it would’ve looked like, if WALL STREET didnt go ahead and
create another “financial instrument of mass destruction” waiting to happen.
That being the ETF market “mutual funds 2.0” These were drastically needed to
compensate for the sudden lack of liquidity during the sup prime housing crisis
2008. So they made these to fill in for CDS and CDO and the OTC derivatives
These will crash and burn when the curtains come down. Not just the triple
leveraged ones either.

“Rick Santelli hit it on the head this morning…..for a 150 years commodity trading worked like a champ….not until the implementation of the>> Over-The-Counter (OTC) market, did it take a wrong turn @ Albuquerque (as Bugs Bunny once said…lol)”~ almost 3 years ago. 

Heres some old post for reference:

‎”The longer the “MEGA ETF” of United States Natural Gas (UNG) is allowed to
operate/trade unimpeded in the nat resources commodity futures market. The more
I think the “powers to be” want this fund to exist to for some Orwellian reason.
Is… it to familiarize us with their socialized colonization process, so to
speak? Are these super huge ETF’s (UNG & USO) going to be how investing in
energy resources in America is going to be? Collective and together as ONE!

The ETF market has really exploded exponentially in the last 24 months….It was
for a reason that they were even created at this timely manner. thus to create
much-needed liquidity during the (known to come credit before it happened
crisis/credit bubble)…..It would’ve been a ghost-town w/out all them ETF’s
hitting the market during the CRASH.”

I want feedback please.

Asked by steve goff – 21 months ago – 5 answers – 146 views

November 9, 2010 at 5:15pm

A valid point. And the same can be said for the timely creation and explosion in
implementation of the ETF and ETN markets. I always joked…that we will someday
soon see an ETF composed of holdings of other ETF’s…lol That by default
buying needed to underlie em…added a much-needed liquidity to a market last
year…that at times would’ve had the liquidity/volume of tumbleweeds blowing
down the street!…ie ghost town!….With regards to quant funds using
algorithmic quantitative formulas to trade and stimulate the markets timely and
with agenda. I am always reminded or should say eerily reminiscent of Long Term
Capital Management LTCM /Robert C. Merton and Myron Scholes whod d id just that
and ultimately failed at same thing. Because no formula….quantitative or not
calculate/equate nor assign true metric to the “H” or “X” Factor. That being the
herd and the HUMAN emotion or lack there of they bring with it o not. LTCM
received a New York Fed brokered bail out and they were a hedge fund Pete’s

Answered by π

Also a little different is the enhanced real time live time world we live
in…receive trading info in….and REACT in!…. more quicker today than
ever…..It has increased exponentially and aint stopping anytime son. That is
also how they bigger trading houses are screwing the little guy. They always
find a way. And two words I hardly ever use are NEVER and ALWAYS……just to
definite for my liking in today’s world!

I also recommend reading with regards to above : Extraordinary Popular Delusions
and the Madness of Crowds…. is a popular history of popular folly ….by
Charles Mackay

November 9, 2010 at 8:21pm

The charts and technicals are worth more consideration now. Based upon the
“regimental mechanical/machine trading” ie… buying and selling, established
over the last few months.
Mostly by ETF’s and their managing firms.
Bonus > Months coming minus The Average Joe retail investor/trader (simplifying
the chart patterns IMO). So regardless of some fundies or market conditions
(minus black swans of coarse)..some patterns in certain stocks have to continue
to play out mechanically based upon the machine trading over last few months is
my thesis/theory….comment?

Answered by π /steven goff
The ETF and ETN market or as I call them > Mutual Funds 2.0…were created and
implemented at a very precise and timely calculated manner. They were pushed
into the…… market to add a much needed liquidity to a market that would have
had tumble weeds blowing around the trading floor…ie ghost town late 2009
early 2010 we seen full out ETF blitzkrieg…Also a fair amount of them ETF’s
were tossed out on open market with lack of stringent leverage guidelines among
other things. I also always joked…that we will soon see an ETF that is
comprised holdings of other ETF’s…..funny concept there.
October 31 at 4:04am

So I was thinking (ya smell that smoke? kjp712 posted that question below
with regards to the nonchalant attitude of the market Friday with the events.
Well many post were written in response to it (please go read some)…Many
that the market now is mainly composed of ETF’s buying and selling and some
quantprograms, etc. And a very tiny bit of volume is actually The Average Joe
investor/trader. Some reasons being TRUST, future tax liability…But most of
all…folks are broke and need the money to live on now and not in 10 years.
Well all this is going towards the technicals/charts being worth
more consideration than before. Based upon the “machining regimental trades” so
to speak having established clear chart signals that need to carry out before
a major market sell off. I myself am a fundamentals. But studying being a better
chartists/technician per se. Point being. If the ETF’s are doing the trading.
they have made charts work looking at. Comments? logical? plausible? Some
evident patterns should be present and confirmed or denied more easily.

I’m just kicking around theory here…after all…this is called > The Stock
Idea Network…is it not?

I also wanna go on record of saying I know someone(s) at Fast Money read some
post of my last week. They were mocking and jesting about three post I wrote
using the Term Tea Cup Handle just hours before….lol I was flattered…And I
am not crazy….lol

The Market was eerily quiet today despite the “Events” on Friday.I remember in
2008 when the Dow would go down 200 points after someone spotted a moving van
parked on Wall Street.So what is going on ?

Asked by kjp712 – 1 days ago – 10 answers – 158 views

March 7, 2011

“Apple in my opinion needs to start making smart acquisitions that will replace
a plateau in R&D that is coming. And for sure a plateau of its market and life
altering release into society/world. And margin contraction issues to come as
well. And possible Anti Trust issues. Maybe buy some patents in NFC (near feild
comm) Maybe a hologram related company. Maybe even a cellular provider or
satellite company. Take that out of future margin contraction equation. I also
feel the same for a major school textbook publisher for it’s already in place
licensing and “jumped hurdles” into the future education of America’s
children. That consist of elementary and higher degree Schooling being done at
home via the Web and your devices. This is just the case in very developed
countries. For we are not at same pace in societal development as the rest of
world is. We shot our load so to speak and are now paying the piper. Or need to
take the painful necessity step to lead the future. That Time is here right
They have $60bb in cash. That is not good thing to have in this
environment. And They’re not sharing CASH hoard w/ shareholder who enter here
in form of div. And at $350 a share it is alot of ones working capital to lay
dead for little upside and more downside theoretical risk. And to those who are
long with nice gains in…That is dangerous for shareholders not getting a div
at least to be here. I think all that cash and lack of MAJOR imitative M&A is
hurting $AAPL stock performance of late. They need some shock and awe!

If Apple were to buy Visa Inc. It would be like a EBay owning a Pay Pal.”

When I think of Apples success over the last decade. I am reminded of what I’ve
studied about RCA (Radio Corporation of America) And the societal and market
implementations and implications it had in its time. A time that was in a
technological infancy of the great things to come. Most at the time were saying
“it (RCA) was going to take over the WORLD!” It was in existence from 1919 to
1986. In 1930, the U.S. Department of Justice filed antitrust charges against
RCA, General Electric and Westinghouse (That is so crazy considering the US Navy
and GE set up and spun off RCA many years earlier) As a result, GE and
Westinghouse had to give up their ownership interests in RCA. RCA was allowed to
keep the radio factories, and GE and Westinghouse were allowed to compete in
that business only after 30 months passed. RCA) was Wall Street’s and Main
Streets “best gal” high-flying tech-stock of the Roaring 1920s. It made many
investors and speculators millionaires. It was in essence a monopoly on
“wireless communications for the masses.” And not a serious competitor was
anywhere in sight at the time.

In the five years before the Crash of 1929, RCA stock soared from about $11 to
its September 1929 high of $114 (adjusted for the 5:1 stock split in Feb of that
fatal year). That’s an appreciation of 935% in only five years! That equates to
an annual compound return of a monumental 60%! {{{{Also it never paid a cash
dividend}}} Market players didn’t care, because the stock value increased
almost on a daily basis. At its 1929 peak RCA boasted an astronomical PE ratio
of 72:1. From 1929 and the stocks top of $114, over the next three years the
stock price dropped to less than $3 (-97%) per share in 1932.

Sooooo….who’s going to lead the war/fight to eradicate the super leveraged ETF’s that some are saying is causing massive if not rampant speculation in the energy and commod markets and causing unjust increases in vital energy prices (ie t…he UNG United States Nat Gas fund)? The same could be said about the inverse ETF’s for the
financial industry and even the currency markets now…via the FX series. Does the Chair of SEC just come out and suspend trading in them? NOT!!!! If the fund has the cash…I don’t see what they could do? Also these funds are creating a very much needed liquidity to this market. It would be a ghost town around here w/ out them.

Rick Santelli hit it on the head this morning…..for a 150 years commodity trading worked like a champ….not until the implementation of the>> Over-The-Counter (OTC) market, did it take a wrong turn @ Albuquerque (as Bugs Bunny once said…lol)

Asked by steve goff – 18 months ago – 5 answers – 857 views
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