They should hold lottery drawing for the first to walk on MARS!

NASA Sets Plan for Deep-Space Rocket
Sept. 14, 2011

NASA unveiled plans for a long-awaited $35 billion new rocket
program designed to dwarf the storied boosters of the Apollo era and powerful enough to launch astronauts to asteroids and eventually to Mars.

Is the stock trade titanium and satellites?

(originally written  on January 29, 2010)

The Banks get Trillions…..and humanity and it’s DREAMS get cut from the budget!

I have disagreed and on rare occasions agreed, with much of what President
Obama and his Administration has done. Since not only taking the steering wheel
of our nation, but supposedly humanity and it’s species, via the Nobel Peace

But I am a sad and repulsed American here today. When I see that the banks and
special interest can get trillions in ‘Tax Payer money’, that is comprised of human
blood, sweat, and tears of the last 200 plus years. Yet, we as a nation, supposedly a highly educated and developed one, can not muster up $5 billion bucks a year to give NASA?

This to explore sending a human, once again returning or manning a permanent space
station on the Moons surface or even Mars. If not for the sake of a
demonstration and exhibit of our advancements as a species thus far, that will possibly boost morale across the nation.
And while taking prudent measures to ensure the survival of our species in the
event of catastrophe, be it man-made or naturally caused. Than to at least
acknowledge the fact, it is our specie’s next frontier in our evolving to a
higher living and functioning intelligent being. Preferably with the best of
our collective gene pool, via the understanding of the human genome(DNA). It’s called ‘seeding the STARS’ It is where our exponential advancements in technology and medicine, and the creation/morph between biological and machine begin. It is not as creepy as it sounds. Dont think ‘The Terminator’. Think more along the line of a permanent Bluetooth in your ear at first.

When talking NASA funding, I always reference a great scene in the movie
Armageddon with Billy Bob Thornton as the NASA space director. And the President asking him: “Why didn’t we see this asteroid coming Dan?” Dan: “Our Earth Collision Budget only allows $3 million dollars Mr. President….that covers about 3% of the sky sir..and with all do respect…it’s a BIG ASS SKY sir”….lol

And for them give reason that Government funding is not needed, nor a budget allotment this year. Because private corporations profit seeking and the creation of enterprise
for space tourism will drive the exploration is just preposterous at the
present time. Don’t get me wrong, I am a believer in that in the longer picture. A big
fan of Sir Richard Branson and his visions there in space tourism. But in it’s
infancy now. We also have many things orbiting around our planet at any giving time
that are crucial to not only our national security, but our way of daily life,
that if interrupted could fall back to creating national security issue. Many
weather satellites, military spy, cell phone, TV, etc. We don’t want people looking for
cheap ways to get things in orbit and risking them screwing things up.

On another note…GOOGLE once had a contest offering like $50 million to anyone who could launch an object(unmanned) from Earth to the Moons surface and drive it like 10 feet remotely from Earth.

I wrote a blog that day entitled: “Google going to the Moon!….Sell the stock
now”….Because ‘going to the moon’ is the all time penny stock pumper-dumper
scammer phrase….lol…..GOOG was trading $700 then Dec 2007.

I think the Govt should just come out and say we have had manned stations on
the dark side of the Moon for the last 20 years. And we feel the human race is
intellectual enough to not only appreciate it. But to understand the need to
be kept secret up until this point. Where now it serves the ‘greater good’ to be
known and developed by the world together in efforts. I would be like
cool! How do I get a job application there? It would inspire generations
and the avarice corporations and bottom lines will take it from there I tell
ya’s!. But most importantly, children will have something to reach for once again in this country.

They say “shoot for the sky, because if ya miss, you’ll only land amongst the

So appropriate…yes?

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February 3, 2010

In innovation and cutting edge design. How does the USA maintain, if not excel past China and the rest of world for that matter?


We suspend if not do away with patents altogether (not creative copyright in
performance arts) but mechanical patents for starters.

And rest on the merits of American creativity, innovation, and ingenuity. Coupled with the spirit of ‘being of the best’ and building the best anything. If not for the betterment of humanity,than to lines ones pockets with the money made from the next big thing…… That creativity now is hindered by the monopolistic control and use of
patents. And we beat CHINA at their own game in the process. With this move
above….innovation would explode and markets would roar….we would have the
closest thing to a ‘virgin free market’ as we’ve ever had in a long time…..I call
it ‘The Renaissance 2.0’

Does anybody want to debate the hindrance that intellectual property and patent laws put
on the creativity and the explosion of exponential growth both in technology
and our world economy, that would occur without them?

There’s no reason why a high school kid(s) or innovative adults should not be
able to compound of existing technology for an invention of something that
serves the ‘Greater Good of Humanity’…my opinion!

Suspend patents, if not do away with intellectual property that is a tool of monopolistic control. And let the innovation rest on the awesome creativity of the USA citizen.

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April 6, 2011

Have you ever dreamed of going to space? Earlier today we broke it down with Sir Richard Branson (Founder, Virgin Group), and his two goddesses as he spoke about their $200,000/seat trip to space, which is about 12-18 months out from launching.

“I would just like to let you know Sir Richard. When it comes to making an endeavor into space residency, dwelling, and occupancy. Or even a maned space mission to MARS or any other planet you might purchase before then. (We call that SNARK!…Sir Richard…lol) I will surely volunteer to be considered for such mission. For that is the beginning or official acknowledgement of the space/star seeding process of our species. Even if it means never returning to Earth. I mean that. For it is in the interest of ‘The Greater Good’ of our species. And I am of the contention that alone is worth a human life or two or a 1000! “~Steve Goff

I saw a comment by Jim Davis over on that made me want to do a poll about real attitudes towards Mars colonization.  Let me give some background thoughts, the questions, then some rules for comments.

First off, Jim’s goal here was to ask people questions that really delve into how likely they actually would be to do something like one-way Mars colonization, especially if the situation isn’t exactly a paradise.  He wanted someone to do a scientific poll, and while I’d like that too, I don’t have the money to do so myself.  But I think if we do this right, we can at least get some relevant data, even without doing truly random sampling.  But more on that after the questions.


About Steven L. Goff

I'm a 38 yr old, modern day Renaissance Man, Polymath, in ever sense of the words. Self educated genius no doubt. "The Police often questioned me, just because they found me interesting" (The Most Interesting Man in the World...drink Dos Equis I come from the last generation who knows what it was like before the computer age per se. The Rotary style phone to the iPhone I like to say. Don't be shocked by this below.......because it's only HALF of it! All true I assure you. Days of telling lies to myself and others are done. Masters Degree from the School of Hard Knocks. Double Doctorate PhD from Google University (like most will have in future). Jack of all trades. Jack Russel loving dog owner of 8yrs. Master of them all. 38 yr old heterosexual. Master electrician and stock trader now, wanna be fund manager, a never be nothing, political and economics junkie, former master safe cracker thief, liar, professional slot machine cheat, before tech advancement made me obsolete! A bad father, bad brother, bad son, and much more. Have been baker, cook, barber, teacher, student, ultra submissive lovers master, semi pro poker player. I'm a novice mathematician, mechanical genius ALL most would say. Sun worshiper, surfer, convicted felon at age 18. Five year prison stay from 18 until 24yrs old. Hence school of Hard Knocks Degrees. Amateur magician, Rubik's Cube solver, social algorithms developer, exponential growth being humanity's most powerful force. My mom was a closet drinker for much of my youth and worked night and slept all day. I am Drake Equation believer, a Luddite I think, student of great societal cyclicality in humanity. I've been shot, I've been stabbed, I've been loved more than life to some, and abandon by the same. Raised Catholic, now of the agnostic mindset. Frankly I dont care if God Almighty exist, for we have bigger problems as a species to solve. I'm speed reader semi cursed with photographic memory, say cursed for some memories are not good. Great pool player, better marksman, Have hunted and killed the beast. A believer information to the masses is more powerful than oil and gold put together. Occam's Razor believer, Rube Goldberg simplifier, Huge student of propaganda and all it's techniques, I wanna go to outer space someday before I die. I dont fear death. I fear not Livin'
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  1. “Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs.” ~ William Shakespeare

  2. “The way to love anything is to realize that it may be lost.” ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton

  3. I’m still learning from you, but I’m making my way to the top as well. I certainly liked reading all that is posted on your site.Keep the stories coming. I liked it!

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