Mr. President, how’s about’ the audacity of creating some JOBS?

I decided to specifically use the word audacity in the title of this blog, for its meaning of being bold and having an arrogant disregard of the normal restraints. I believe that sums up exactly what is required for future employment of the citizens of the United States of America.
President Obama has a ‘big jobs speech’ slated for after Labor Day Holiday (ironic…yes?) I suspect, but am hoping more so, that it will unequivocally acknowledge and attempt to remedy the ill societal ramifications we are now experiencing due to exponential technology and medical advancements. That being, the taking of the jobs that the lagging human species are not done with just yet, so to speak. A species that is living longer than ever into life(longevity), from same exponential rate of medical advancements. More and more people and less and less jobs, is recipe’ for social and economic disaster if not at least acknowledge and plans made to address.

Some would argue that with new technologies comes new jobs. That is true is some sense. But when you apply the fact that manufacturing and labor doesn’t take nearly the people it once did via computer efficiency, automation, mass production, robotics, etc. That argument holds less and less water, for about the last 10 years. The same theory can be applied to “peak oil demand.” Consisting of the world using an ever lessening amount of oil, due to the never-ending pursuit of more and more energy-efficient automobiles and technologies. And also in home heating efficiency technology. It even cancels out the planned demand expected from emerging and underdeveloped countries that will be using more and more auto’s and building infrastructure. Because the are not starting with the Ford Model-T technology. They are staring with 60-70mpg vehicles. And it does not take the 5000 worker assembly line workers, on 3 shifts, going 24 hrs a day to make them today either. Also look at the birth and implementation of horizontal drilling techniques did to saturate the Natural Gas market/supplies in the USA.
Just look at the supermarkets automated check out machines in lieu of human employees and people they have to pay and insure. To GPS technology that operates farm equipment (tractors and harvesters) without even an operator for the whole day. Just turn it on and it goes out all day and works. Fully automated warehouse and shipping and processing facilities with hardly any workers in them. Look at what home computing has done to level the playing field for information/data to render the old school stockbroker obsolete. The finance industry has resorted to hiring commentators/pundits for employment. For technology had gutted that career like a fish. We all reside in the instantaneous information and trading age now.

I live near Atlantic City NJ. When the casino industry did away with the coin operating slot machine and went to voucher paying. That little technology change vaporized 30,000 jobs that are never coming back to the city )probably 200,000 PLUS more nation wide in the industry). From the people who counted and collected the coins(hard-count) to the not as many slot mechanics needed now and the change attendants. Police and firefighters jobs are becoming obsolete due to exponential advancements in technology creating an instrument to ultimately replace them. Don’t feel too bad though, for old school crooks and crimes are almost obsolete in tactic as well. I for one, am for a vast reduction of police presence and employment in our society. And not just in Atlantic City, but across our nation. The advancements in technology has made that a possibility today, without the ill side effects of social disorder/anarchy. Them same advancements are the reasons that during this current economic recession, we have seen a crime rate reduction across America. As compared to the traditional rise in crime rates, that in the past have accompanied recessionary times. This anomaly is solely due to the fact that “old school crooks and crimes” are almost obsolete in tactic in today’s society. It’s pretty difficult to be an old school crook per se nowadays. We have advanced sophisticated nano camera technology. GPS tracking, enhanced significantly police communications and response times to crimes. The use of DNA technology to solve crimes both active and cold case status. We have traffic light cams that remotely mail you a ticket with a photo of you running a red light. If you have EZ Pass, and are timed between toll booths that exceeds the maximum speed and MPH calculation between two points. They can mail you a ticket for speeding. The list goes on and on. Point being, we don’t need as many cops in society as before, like in our infancy as a country. Unless it is to now employ the masses, and to grow the govt job sector. Via the “Prison Industrial Complex”. There is BIG MONEY in the housing, guarding, rehabilitation, feeding, and supervised release of State writ sentenced prisoners. So that has to be considered. The same can be said for the amount of firefighters we have today. Things don’t burn like they once did. We also have in place now building and fire construction codes, that lessen the amount of fires. We have fire suppression and monitoring. Enhanced response times and newer more efficient fire fighting techniques and equipment. The invention and implementation of fire-retardant material construction. Them points right there make a strong case for at least some consolidation amongst logistically feasible fire stations in the USA. That’s why in Ray Bradbury’s classic: Fahrenheit 451. The firefighters in the future have nothing much to do, but go and burn book banned by the Govt or Google or Wiki in future. That is their job and purpose in the future in the book. Funny thought there, while writing this.

I am reminded of Judge Smails(The late great Ted Knight) from the movie Caddyshack, and his infamous employment line. When Danny was sucking up to him for the ‘Law school Caddy Scholarship’.the Judge replied: “welllllllll the world needs ditch digger too Danny”. Problem is nowadays it don’t take as nearly many people to dig ditches and not everyone can be a lawyer or a doctor. And we have a population growing exponentially that needs ditch digger jobs so to speak!

Judge Smails Clip…lol

On top of all that above. Now add in the ‘monopolistic corporation behemoth’ formations from market consolidation and centralization, creating a machine that relentlessly seeks maximum profits and cuts operating cost (outsourcing jobs not just to other countries but to machines) to appease the Masses/Stockholders.

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords took a 9mm bullet to the back of her head, it exited through her eye socket, and she lost massive amounts of bodily blood on the scene.

But yet in today’s modern medicine world, she will more than likely be giving the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2012. That wouldn’t have been the case, as little as only 10-15 years ago in trauma medicine. Hence the exponential advancement of medical technology, and where that will take us in regards to immortality as a species one day. Down to the radio communications call that went out when it (shooting) happened, and was responded to by EMS. From the nowadays instantaneous test results/diagnostics/vital signs at scene and in the Emergency Room. To the response time of EMS due to better and faster vehicles and remote control traffic light controlling technology to make all lights green on way to hospital. From discovery of Penicillin to fight infections. The X-Ray technology making exploratory surgery and trauma to body no longer necessary to diagnose and treat. Child Birthing conditions. The list goes on and on. The biggest thing is clean drinking water and sewer removal. That has done more for longevity of the species than anything. And just think of all the heavy populated countries now living in squalor that are about to develop civilized infrastructure that will eradicate a lot of disease and increase world population figures and longevity.

200 Years that CHANGED the WORLD! Great vid take a minute and watch it…

And the understanding of the human genome (DNA) and the technology to create and screen for disease and imperfection and correct human specimens to regenerate the gene pool for generation after generation after generation.

It is all relevant! And increasing at an exponential rate. That can not be denied or argued otherwise.

The President is about to get a new top economic counselor. I
am a little impressed by his pick. This guy at least has a grasp on population growth and exponential technology growth hindering our species now instead of helping it at this moment. Where even sustaining economically let alone growing is a major problem forward.
He has touched on this is past studies and affiliations.

The White House has announced it plans to nominate Alan Krueger of Princeton University as the next top economic adviser to President Obama. Krueger, 50, served as the Labor Department’s chief economist during the Clinton administration, and a look at his ‘curriculum vitae’ reveals that much of his research has focused on issues of employment and wages.

He surely has more irons in the fire than say General Electrics CEO Jeffrey Immelt, who president Obama chose to head his Economic Jobs Council. This man is an outsourcing and job cutting specialist. I think the Obama Admin blew this one for sure.
Can the amount of future job creation keep pace with the rising life expectancy and exponential advancements in technology? What is the remedy if jobs can not be created quick enough or if ever? Give people a check/ stipend/money? That expires if not spent in certain time, thus to prevent hoarding and to drive consumerism or investment in the markets?

Here is an idea: Starting tomorrow, 48 Governors can put 300,000+  people to work in one month! With no more than a signature of a pen. PUMPING GAS in their states!

additional notes:

“In the past 500 years the curve entered the sharper upward slope. Mechanical computing devices were introduced approximately 150 years ago (Babbage’s Differential Engine design). A half-century later the U.S.census was processed by machines. Another fifty years to the first electronic computers. Since then Moore’s

Law has been in effect with processing power doubling approximately every eighteen months. Moore’s law follows a more linear trajectory; however within the context of over a million years of technological change it’s a point on the exponential curve. What’s most exciting (or disturbing depending on your perspective) is

that we are just now entering the part of the exponential growth curve that is steep and accelerated.  Increasingly accelerated exponential growth is further evident in how, in little more than a decade the world

wide web has proliferated. Or how in a matter of few years since its introduction, web-based social networking has hundreds of millions of users. Or how in a matter of days a new iPhone app is being used productively by tens of thousands. This exponential growth and proliferation of technologies, services and knowledge contradicts our conventional, linear mode of thinking. It is imperative to get our heads around this paradigm shift and plan accordingly.”

The Lights in the Tunnel: Automation, Accelerating Technology and the Economy of the Future (Paperback)  By Martin Ford

“Other reviewers have summarized the book in detail, so I won’t. I’ll just emphasize the bottom line:

Machines are fast approaching humans in terms of *mental* labor capacity, not just *physical* labor capacity. In the past as machines took over much of our physical labor, we were then free to turn to more valuable mental labor. But once machines take over much of our mental labor, then what do we turn to for employment?

The author makes a very compelling case that this situation will arise, and likely within the next few decades. And he also lays out some rather bold suggestions to delay the shock of the resulting high unemployment and allow us to transition to an inevitably new type of economy as smoothly as possible. Though, even with these suggestions, I expect this transition is not likely to be smooth.

This book is a very important, frank discussion of a pending time-bomb for our precious mass market economy. Read it and recommend it to others. And think about how you and your family and friends will manage the forthcoming transition. ”!/pages/Lights-in-the-Tunnel/145229482171278#wall


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I'm a 38 yr old, modern day Renaissance Man, Polymath, in ever sense of the words. Self educated genius no doubt. "The Police often questioned me, just because they found me interesting" (The Most Interesting Man in the World...drink Dos Equis I come from the last generation who knows what it was like before the computer age per se. The Rotary style phone to the iPhone I like to say. Don't be shocked by this below.......because it's only HALF of it! All true I assure you. Days of telling lies to myself and others are done. Masters Degree from the School of Hard Knocks. Double Doctorate PhD from Google University (like most will have in future). Jack of all trades. Jack Russel loving dog owner of 8yrs. Master of them all. 38 yr old heterosexual. Master electrician and stock trader now, wanna be fund manager, a never be nothing, political and economics junkie, former master safe cracker thief, liar, professional slot machine cheat, before tech advancement made me obsolete! A bad father, bad brother, bad son, and much more. Have been baker, cook, barber, teacher, student, ultra submissive lovers master, semi pro poker player. I'm a novice mathematician, mechanical genius ALL most would say. Sun worshiper, surfer, convicted felon at age 18. Five year prison stay from 18 until 24yrs old. Hence school of Hard Knocks Degrees. Amateur magician, Rubik's Cube solver, social algorithms developer, exponential growth being humanity's most powerful force. My mom was a closet drinker for much of my youth and worked night and slept all day. I am Drake Equation believer, a Luddite I think, student of great societal cyclicality in humanity. I've been shot, I've been stabbed, I've been loved more than life to some, and abandon by the same. Raised Catholic, now of the agnostic mindset. Frankly I dont care if God Almighty exist, for we have bigger problems as a species to solve. I'm speed reader semi cursed with photographic memory, say cursed for some memories are not good. Great pool player, better marksman, Have hunted and killed the beast. A believer information to the masses is more powerful than oil and gold put together. Occam's Razor believer, Rube Goldberg simplifier, Huge student of propaganda and all it's techniques, I wanna go to outer space someday before I die. I dont fear death. I fear not Livin'
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