Did you know that Mexico is officially known as the United Mexican States?

“Our statements must be judged by candid readers who are intelligent enough to lay our words alongside life as they are able to observe it. If our word and their observation agree, the case is made. It is perfectly silly to begin to damn us before it has been shown that our statements are baseless or reckless.”~ Henry Ford


Did you know that Mexico is officially known as the United Mexican States? It is!

The USA combining with Mexico will pose a ‘very advantageous geographical national defense stand point.’ Mexico is bordered on one side by USA . On another side is the Pacific Ocean. On a third side is the Gulf of Mexico, and the fourth border would be a patch of rugged mountains and forests near Guatemala, about 625 miles long. Compare the almost 2000 mile long border and it’s current security staus to that. No brainer, eh?

This is also noteworth when reading this further:

The imagined community is a concept coined by Benedict Anderson which states that a nation is a community socially constructed, which is to say imagined by the people who perceive themselves as part of that group.

(To me this is like > The Tea Party, the sense of deep patriotism felt across America after 9/11 from an imagined or unimaginable enemy at the time. Does Osama Bin Laden even exist?…I wonder)

Imagined Communities

In developing his theories, Anderson observes that the notion of “nation-ness” is, in the recent years, becoming a principal force in many aspects of modern thought. Both the rapid expansion of the United Nations, and the political unrest caused by conflict between and within “sub-nations” around the world (Imagined 3), are evidence that nationalism is, indeed, recognized as modern political moral hegemony.

Yet despite the influence that nationalism has had on modern society, Anderson finds the origins of the concept inadequately explained and recorded. His purpose in writing Imagined Communities is to provide a historical background for the emergence of nationalism — its development, evolution, and reception.


Anderson defines the nation as an “imagined political community that is imagined as both inherently limited and sovereign” (Imagined 7).

The Nation is . . .

Imagined because “members . . . will never know most of their fellow members . . . yet in the minds of each lives the image of their communion” (6). That is, the possession of citizenship in a nation allows and prompts the individual to imagine the boundaries of a nation, even though such boundaries may not physically exist.

Limited because “even the largest of them . . . has finite, if elastic, boundaries, beyond which lie other nations”. The fact that nationalists are able to imagine boundaries suggests that they recognize the existence of partition by culture, ethnicity, and social structure among mankind. They do not imagine the union of all under one massive, all-encompassing “nationalism.”

With that being saide, and before serious debate and theory can be discussed. Or you can even begin to compose script of snark, to tell me what an idiot I am.

Trying to find unique ways to provide jobs to our lagging species, while undergoing vicious tearing of the societal mesh per se,  ie the ill economical societal effects due to the exponential advancements technology and medicine. Creating a species that is on the cusp of immortality (imagine what the unemployment numbers will look like then). To tech advancement in efficiency and automation decaying exponentially the amount of jobs needed for a species to sustain let alone grow from here.

Seeing who (what country or Union of thems) has the best business plan for sustainability going forward.  No doubt, it’s the vastly under developed counties right now. The USA has shot it’s load, so to speak. We need to take some bold steps here soon. Here is couple more below and links. Home schooling in USA at home via the Internet. And making gas stations hire fuel attendants. Simple, but creates jobs. They could take CASH out of USA society as we know it today. Go to a debit device/card society with a  tax flat transaction tax. But make a BOLD step. Combine with Mexico. There’s plenty of precedence I will show you.  And some logic in seeking growth by any and all means. The Mexican Cession of 1848 was the last time we used Mexico to jump-start our stalled growth engine so to speak. It opened the western USA  expansion. Heck, look at the GOLD RUSH migration of 1849 the very next year. Ya know how many schools we could build there. Hi tech ones. Roads, municipal buildings, etc. Dont let a unifying action or even be the reason why. That would be a WAR with them or a WAR with China or someone else who we have to combine with for defense from.

What it’s all about and why we’re in this spot!

This would also be the undeniable action of the USA, that would announce the official beginning of New North American Union!  One with a new currency pegged to not only the proven reserves of natural and {{economic resources}} of that Union. In this case, The Unites States, Canada, and the vastly underdeveloped (growth engine) of Mexico.  Comprised of the natural resources, The Solar Belt prime real estate. The new area or canvas to implement the latest alt energy building and living techniques. The beauty comes in not making it one state or territory. But breaking it up to about 15-20. That is where the infrastructure and vast economic growth comes in.

And the first Mexican who utters the phrase “you took my job” when i get there…I’m punching in the face….lol

http://wp.me/p1sLAC-4 (Occam’s razor Jobs)

48 Governors can put 300K+  people to work in one month! Starting tomorrow

http://wp.me/p1sLAC-J (Home schooling via web)

In Response to Gov. Christies 5 year tenure evaluation plan: It’s Elementary My Dear Watson!…..pun totally intended!

http://wp.me/p1sLAC-s (cashless society)

Best thing Apple can do right now, is buy Visa Inc.

In stock market analogy : The USA has been a great stock to own the last 200 years. Ever since it was young and hungry and in seek of growth. Then it became like many stocks and company’s in the market the get so big they can no longer grow. Even know the seem cheap, the growth is just not there. They might have paid growing dividends of the years. Like the USA has done from the package debt of it’s taxed citizens. When cash flow equals less than two times the div. They usually cut the div ya know. Well the USA is now in danger of TAX revolts from not only the most TAXED (poor people on daily basis of LIFE)….but also the super wealthy in lieu of the tax hikes announced recently buy the Obama Administration. So now the USA’s stock is looking unhealthy to the world in the scheme of things, and the bigger picture. Has the USA became the RCA of yesterday, the Microsoft and APPLE of today?

I’ve read many articles,papers, and a few books on this theory of making Mexico part of the United States. Some specifically on Mexico, and the others in the theory of the formation of The New North American Union (NAU). Most authors use the term and method of “annexation”.

ANNEXING MEXICO -Solving the Border Problem Through Annexation and Assimilation ~ Erik Rush


Read more: The case for annexing Mexico


I disagree with that!


Is the “de jure” incorporation of some territory into another geopolitical entity. A formal act whereby a state proclaims its sovereignty over territory hitherto outside its domain, either adjacent or non-contiguous. Unlike cession, whereby territory is given or sold through treaty, annexation is a unilateral act made effective by actual possession and legitimized by general recognition. It can also imply a certain measure of coercion (strong arming), expansionism or unilateralism on the part of the stronger of the merging entities.

Annexation is frequently preceded by conquest and military occupation of the conquered territory. Occasionally, as in the German annexation of Austria in 1938, a conquest may be accomplished by the threat of force without active hostilities. Military occupation does not constitute or necessarily lead to annexation.

During World War II the use of annexation deprived whole populations of the safeguards provided by international laws governing military occupations. Changes were introduced to international law through the Fourth Geneva Convention that makes it much more difficult for a state to bypass international law through the use of annexation.


Act of, or to cede, is the assignment of property to another entity. In international law it commonly refers to land transferred by treaty. Ballentine’s Law Dictionary defines cession as “a surrender; a yielding; a giving up.” In contrast with “annexation”, where property is forcibly given up, cession is voluntary or at least apparently so. Usually territory is given or sold through “treaty.”

Some history:

In the 19th century, the United States acquired land from France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Russia, and annexed the Republic of Texas and the Republic of Hawaii.

The Gadsden Purchase (Venta de La Mesilla, or “Sale of La Mesilla”) was a 30,000sq-mile region of present-day southern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico. It was purchased by the United States in a treaty signed by James Gadsden, the American ambassador to Mexico at the time, on December 30, 1853. It was then ratified, with changes, by the U.S. Senate on April 25, 1854 and signed by President Franklin Pierce, with final approval action taken by Mexico on June 8, 1854. {{The purchase was the last major territorial acquisition in the contiguous United States, adding an area the size of Scotland to the United States.}} One square mile is 640 acres, therefore 19,200,000 acres.

NEWLANDS RESOLUTION :To Provide for Annexing the Hawaiian Islands to the United States.

Approved July 7th, 1898. WILLIAM McKINLEY

{{There shall be no further immigration of Chinese into the Hawaiian Islands, except upon such conditions as are now or may hereafter be allowed by the laws of the United States; no Chinese, by reason of anything herein contained, shall be allowed to enter the United States from the Hawaiian Islands.}}


The Mexican Cession of 1848 is a historical name in the United States for the region of the present day southwestern United States that Mexico ceded to the U.S. in 1848, excluding the areas east of the Rio Grande, which had been claimed by the Republic of Texas, though the Texas Annexation resolution two years earlier had not specified Texas’ southern and western boundary.

The United States of America had taken actual control of the Mexican territories of Santa Fe de Nuevo México and Alta California in 1846 early in the Mexican-American War, and Mexico acknowledged the loss of Texas, New Mexico, and California in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which was signed on February 2, 1848, ratified by the U.S. Senate on March 10, 1848, and by the Mexican government on May 19, 1848.

Mexico acknowledged the loss of Texas and New Mexico in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, signed February 2, 1848.

Texas Annexation of 1845: The independent Republic of Texas long sought to join the U.S., despite Mexican claims and the warning by Mexican leader Antonio López de Santa Anna warned that this would be “equivalent to a declaration of war against the Mexican Republic.”

James Buchanan, Secretary of State, later 15th President of the United States (1857-1861) Article XI of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo contained a guarantee that the United States would protect Mexicans by preventing cross-border raids by Native American tribes. At the time the treaty was ratified, Secretary of State James Buchanan had believed that the United States had both the commitment and resources to enforce this promise.Historian Richard Kluger, however, described the difficulties of the task:

“Commanche, Apache, and other tribal warriors had been punishing Spanish, Mexican, and American intruders into their stark homeland for three centuries and been given no incentive to let up their murderous marauding and pillaging, horse stealing in particular. The U. S. Army had posted nearly 8,000 of its total of 11,000 soldiers along the southwestern boundary, but they could not halt the 75,000 or so native nomads in the region from attacking swiftly and taking refuge among the hills, buttes, and arroyos in a landscape where one’s enemies could be spotted twenty or thirty miles away.”

In the five years after approval of the Treaty, the United States spent $12 million ($292,355,600 today) in this area, and General Winfield Scott estimated that five times that amount would be necessary to police the border. Mexican officials, frustrated with the failure of the United States to effectively enforce its guarantee, demanded reparations for the losses inflicted on Mexican citizens by the raids. The United States argued that the Treaty did not require any compensation nor did it require any greater effort to protect Mexicans than was expended in protecting its own citizens. During the Fillmore administration, Mexico claimed damages of $40 million ($974,518,500 today) but offered to allow the U. S. to buy out Article XI for $12 million ($609,074,100 today). Fillmore had proposed a settlement that was $10 million less ($243,629,600 today).

Side note: {How similar is that to  the Mexican Drug Cartel border issues at hand today!}

And you have to giggle at the irony of us spending huge amounts of money at the time, even way back then on this separation with Mexico. I always said, “the easiest way to get someone(s) to do something that you want them to do, is to make them think they have no other choice.”

That might lend strong credence to the extreme unrest we’re seeing in Mexico of late. And the border security issues on both the media and political stages!

The Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo ended the Mexican-American War, but there were issues affecting both sides that still needed to be resolved: possession of the Mesilla Valley, protection for Mexico from Indian raids, and the right of transit in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.


The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which brought an official end to the Mexican-American War (1846-1848) was signed on February 2, 1848, at Guadalupe Hidalgo, a city north of the capital where the Mexican government had fled with the advance of U.S. forces. To explore the circumstances that led to this war with Mexico, visit the Teaching with Documents lesson, “Lincoln’s Spot Resolutions.”

The Pierce administration, which took office in March 1853, had a strong pro-southern, pro-expansion mindset. Louisiana Senator Pierre Soulé was sent to Spain to negotiate the annexation of Cuba.

Nothing great was ever achieved without someone taking a risk along the way!


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