What’s hurting Apple $AAPL the most here @$350

What I feel is hurting $AAPL the most here @$350 shr? Is one,  just
that > $350 smackers is alot of capital to lay “dead in action”, with no div payout,
and $60bb in inflation reactionary CASH on books.

But this right here is also culprit > THE ETF BUYING MACHINES
are wrapping up shop. (for multitude reasons for another post) And nobody is here to pick up the buying slack. Not to mention thin trading action in broad over all markets.

Lets remember the very timely and convenient creation and mass market
implementation of the ETF market and vehicles.

Well now the machines are done buying to lace/stoke em, and it’s starting to look
like the Ghost Town it would’ve looked like, if WALL STREET didnt go ahead and
create another “financial instrument of mass destruction” waiting to happen.
That being the ETF market “mutual funds 2.0” These were drastically needed to
compensate for the sudden lack of liquidity during the sup prime housing crisis
2008. So they made these to fill in for CDS and CDO and the OTC derivatives
These will crash and burn when the curtains come down. Not just the triple
leveraged ones either.

“Rick Santelli hit it on the head this morning…..for a 150 years commodity trading worked like a champ….not until the implementation of the>> Over-The-Counter (OTC) market, did it take a wrong turn @ Albuquerque (as Bugs Bunny once said…lol)”~ almost 3 years ago. 

Heres some old post for reference:

‎”The longer the “MEGA ETF” of United States Natural Gas (UNG) is allowed to
operate/trade unimpeded in the nat resources commodity futures market. The more
I think the “powers to be” want this fund to exist to for some Orwellian reason.
Is… it to familiarize us with their socialized colonization process, so to
speak? Are these super huge ETF’s (UNG & USO) going to be how investing in
energy resources in America is going to be? Collective and together as ONE!

The ETF market has really exploded exponentially in the last 24 months….It was
for a reason that they were even created at this timely manner. thus to create
much-needed liquidity during the (known to come credit before it happened
crisis/credit bubble)…..It would’ve been a ghost-town w/out all them ETF’s
hitting the market during the CRASH.”

I want feedback please.

Asked by steve goff – 21 months ago – 5 answers – 146 views


November 9, 2010 at 5:15pm

A valid point. And the same can be said for the timely creation and explosion in
implementation of the ETF and ETN markets. I always joked…that we will someday
soon see an ETF composed of holdings of other ETF’s…lol That by default
buying needed to underlie em…added a much-needed liquidity to a market last
year…that at times would’ve had the liquidity/volume of tumbleweeds blowing
down the street!…ie ghost town!….With regards to quant funds using
algorithmic quantitative formulas to trade and stimulate the markets timely and
with agenda. I am always reminded or should say eerily reminiscent of Long Term
Capital Management LTCM /Robert C. Merton and Myron Scholes whod d id just that
and ultimately failed at same thing. Because no formula….quantitative or not
calculate/equate nor assign true metric to the “H” or “X” Factor. That being the
herd and the HUMAN emotion or lack there of they bring with it o not. LTCM
received a New York Fed brokered bail out and they were a hedge fund Pete’s

Answered by π


Also a little different is the enhanced real time live time world we live
in…receive trading info in….and REACT in!…. more quicker today than
ever…..It has increased exponentially and aint stopping anytime son. That is
also how they bigger trading houses are screwing the little guy. They always
find a way. And two words I hardly ever use are NEVER and ALWAYS……just to
definite for my liking in today’s world!

I also recommend reading with regards to above : Extraordinary Popular Delusions
and the Madness of Crowds…. is a popular history of popular folly ….by
Charles Mackay

November 9, 2010 at 8:21pm

The charts and technicals are worth more consideration now. Based upon the
“regimental mechanical/machine trading” ie… buying and selling, established
over the last few months.
Mostly by ETF’s and their managing firms.
Bonus > Months coming minus The Average Joe retail investor/trader (simplifying
the chart patterns IMO). So regardless of some fundies or market conditions
(minus black swans of coarse)..some patterns in certain stocks have to continue
to play out mechanically based upon the machine trading over last few months is
my thesis/theory….comment?

Answered by π /steven goff

The ETF and ETN market or as I call them > Mutual Funds 2.0…were created and
implemented at a very precise and timely calculated manner. They were pushed
into the…… market to add a much needed liquidity to a market that would have
had tumble weeds blowing around the trading floor…ie ghost town late 2009
early 2010 we seen full out ETF blitzkrieg…Also a fair amount of them ETF’s
were tossed out on open market with lack of stringent leverage guidelines among
other things. I also always joked…that we will soon see an ETF that is
comprised holdings of other ETF’s…..funny concept there.
October 31 at 4:04am

So I was thinking (ya smell that smoke?..lol) kjp712 posted that question below
with regards to the nonchalant attitude of the market Friday with the events.
Well many post were written in response to it (please go read some)…Many
that the market now is mainly composed of ETF’s buying and selling and some
quantprograms, etc. And a very tiny bit of volume is actually The Average Joe
investor/trader. Some reasons being TRUST, future tax liability…But most of
all…folks are broke and need the money to live on now and not in 10 years.
Well all this is going towards the technicals/charts being worth
more consideration than before. Based upon the “machining regimental trades” so
to speak having established clear chart signals that need to carry out before
a major market sell off. I myself am a fundamentals. But studying being a better
chartists/technician per se. Point being. If the ETF’s are doing the trading.
they have made charts work looking at. Comments? logical? plausible? Some
evident patterns should be present and confirmed or denied more easily.

I’m just kicking around theory here…after all…this is called > The Stock
Idea Network…is it not?

I also wanna go on record of saying I know someone(s) at Fast Money read some
post of my last week. They were mocking and jesting about three post I wrote
using the Term Tea Cup Handle just hours before….lol I was flattered…And I
am not crazy….lol

The Market was eerily quiet today despite the “Events” on Friday.I remember in
2008 when the Dow would go down 200 points after someone spotted a moving van
parked on Wall Street.So what is going on ?

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March 7, 2011

“Apple in my opinion needs to start making smart acquisitions that will replace
a plateau in R&D that is coming. And for sure a plateau of its market and life
altering release into society/world. And margin contraction issues to come as
well. And possible Anti Trust issues. Maybe buy some patents in NFC (near feild
comm) Maybe a hologram related company. Maybe even a cellular provider or
satellite company. Take that out of future margin contraction equation. I also
feel the same for a major school textbook publisher for it’s already in place
licensing and “jumped hurdles” into the future education of America’s
children. That consist of elementary and higher degree Schooling being done at
home via the Web and your devices. This is just the case in very developed
countries. For we are not at same pace in societal development as the rest of
world is. We shot our load so to speak and are now paying the piper. Or need to
take the painful necessity step to lead the future. That Time is here right
They have $60bb in cash. That is not good thing to have in this
environment. And They’re not sharing CASH hoard w/ shareholder who enter here
in form of div. And at $350 a share it is alot of ones working capital to lay
dead for little upside and more downside theoretical risk. And to those who are
long with nice gains in…That is dangerous for shareholders not getting a div
at least to be here. I think all that cash and lack of MAJOR imitative M&A is
hurting $AAPL stock performance of late. They need some shock and awe!

If Apple were to buy Visa Inc. It would be like a EBay owning a Pay Pal.”


When I think of Apples success over the last decade. I am reminded of what I’ve
studied about RCA (Radio Corporation of America) And the societal and market
implementations and implications it had in its time. A time that was in a
technological infancy of the great things to come. Most at the time were saying
“it (RCA) was going to take over the WORLD!” It was in existence from 1919 to
1986. In 1930, the U.S. Department of Justice filed antitrust charges against
RCA, General Electric and Westinghouse (That is so crazy considering the US Navy
and GE set up and spun off RCA many years earlier) As a result, GE and
Westinghouse had to give up their ownership interests in RCA. RCA was allowed to
keep the radio factories, and GE and Westinghouse were allowed to compete in
that business only after 30 months passed. RCA) was Wall Street’s and Main
Streets “best gal” high-flying tech-stock of the Roaring 1920s. It made many
investors and speculators millionaires. It was in essence a monopoly on
“wireless communications for the masses.” And not a serious competitor was
anywhere in sight at the time.

In the five years before the Crash of 1929, RCA stock soared from about $11 to
its September 1929 high of $114 (adjusted for the 5:1 stock split in Feb of that
fatal year). That’s an appreciation of 935% in only five years! That equates to
an annual compound return of a monumental 60%! {{{{Also it never paid a cash
dividend}}} Market players didn’t care, because the stock value increased
almost on a daily basis. At its 1929 peak RCA boasted an astronomical PE ratio
of 72:1. From 1929 and the stocks top of $114, over the next three years the
stock price dropped to less than $3 (-97%) per share in 1932.

Sooooo….who’s going to lead the war/fight to eradicate the super leveraged ETF’s that some are saying is causing massive if not rampant speculation in the energy and commod markets and causing unjust increases in vital energy prices (ie t…he UNG United States Nat Gas fund)? The same could be said about the inverse ETF’s for the
financial industry and even the currency markets now…via the FX series. Does the Chair of SEC just come out and suspend trading in them? NOT!!!! If the fund has the cash…I don’t see what they could do? Also these funds are creating a very much needed liquidity to this market. It would be a ghost town around here w/ out them.

Rick Santelli hit it on the head this morning…..for a 150 years commodity trading worked like a champ….not until the implementation of the>> Over-The-Counter (OTC) market, did it take a wrong turn @ Albuquerque (as Bugs Bunny once said…lol)

Asked by steve goff – 18 months ago – 5 answers – 857 views
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November 9, 2010 at 10:51pm

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