In Response to Gov. Christies 5 year tenure evaluation plan: It’s Elementary My Dear Watson!…..pun totally intended!

The NJ Teachers Union issues and the matters regarding tenure and performance evaluations after five years, is really irrelevant, if not moot point going forward. On the notion that schooling as we know it now, will not exist in about 5 years time. It’s going the way of the 8-Track tape so to speak. Obsolete! Maybe even sooner, due to the many drastic State budgetary issues to come. The exponential advancements in technology, making it not only possible, but highly probable!

Elementary academic education will be done at home via the WEB and Biometric Identity Proximity Sensors and it software (I call them > digital truancy officers) They will ensure that the children are actually the ones at the computer, getting the “STATE” pre-approved curriculum. Combined with the spontaneous and instantaneous search availability to solve any of the minds mysterys that arise during the lesson. Children today are getting smarter and smarter at a younger and younger age. That aint happening for no reason you now! It is the product of exponential technology growth. It started in high gear when kids started getting Erector Sets and Speak-n-Spells rather than Baby-dolls, Suzy Home Maker kitchen sets, and socks (lol..I used to hate getting socks). I am of the contention, that besides some of the ‘philosophies of life’, children today can not be taught things they either don’t already know, or can learn alot better and more efficiently on their own. With the tools and the ‘cut loose leash’ to explore ideas and related thoughts that might arise in the process. One can not argue that children of today are more technology proficient, than ever before. Not to mention the rat at which that industry advancing, in both innovation and design, is making most of what children learn (besides on the basic fundamentals of reading and math) obsolete before it can be applied towards a career field. Does it really take 8 years of daily ritual school attendance to teach a kid to read and right and some math?

Now, I know the counter argument/rebuttal to this will be. “well’ what about the social growth aspect of attending school a child experiences?” or lack there of by not attending (some might say that is GREAT thing based upon school violence)..True to an extent. But the de-socializing we are experiencing now as a species do to the integration of technology into or daily lives is only temporary in the scale of it all. We are seeing that now with things like language translation software. That allows communication and exchange of ideas/data between cutlery vast and distant global societies. I type something in English here in the USA, and somebody reads it in Mandarin in Mainland China. I hope you get the point. Not to mention we see folks everyday walking with their head down while texting, just oblivious to their surroundings and the on going world around them. People dont verbally communicate like the once did (like Kid Rock says in his song All Summer Long…”It’s the simple things in life, like when and where…We didn’t have no Internet…But man I never will forget…The way the moonlight shined upon her hair”). Point being in the days before the Internet and computer the world was a little slower place and people talked and did a little more things together. A positive byproduct is human efficiency exploded upwards. We do more a whole lot quicker than ever.

Our desocializing of the species due to exponential technology advancements, is only temporary before a transition leap upwards in our intellectual being existence. This has happened before in major transition periods:

“Until about 50,000–40,000 years ago the use of stone tools seems to have progressed stepwise. Each phase (H. habilis, H. ergaster, H. neanderthalensis) started at a higher level than the previous one, but once that phase started further development was slow. These Homo species were culturally conservative, but after 50,000 BC modern human culture started to change at a much greater speed. Jared Diamond, author of The Third Chimpanzee, and some anthropologists characterize this as a “Great Leap Forward”

Now, we’ve come further technology wise in the last in the last 50 years than in our last 50,000 years combined.

Now lets put that statement into context. We have went from the old style rotary phones of our childhoods to the iPhones of today and beyond (ya have to add the word BEYOND in there). In what seems like almost no time flat…right? Now think about this > Draw a time line graph in your mind. Along the bottom go from years 50,000 BC to say the year 2030. Along in lay plot to all the major life impactual innovations/inventions. Ya notice they are just about all grouped together toward the end of chart. Now if ya put that line you drew to population growth and turn it into a graph pers se. Adding human population growth numbers up the right side of it in increments of say 50mill people. The line now slopes upward on a curve to parabolic (straight up) but where we are now is where the curve starts to turn(the bend) now all them tech plots ya laid are real visible and close together.

Parabolic growth has two options. It’s keep going up (evolve to higher intellectual functioning species….or CRASH/RESET)

See also : A technological singularity includes the concept of an intelligence explosion, a term coined in 1965 by I. J. Good.[9] Although technological progress has been accelerating, it has been limited by the basic intelligence of the human brain, which has not, according to Paul R. Ehrlich, Ray Kurzweil also.

The writing is on the walls, when it comes to the future schooling of our children (in this country at least going forward) This thesis doesn’t pertain to the rest of the world that is just now entering their modern development stages…ie their infancy. Countries of them descriptive require the planned societal development of the years of children going to the daily ritual of school. (lets call school what it really is > State subsidized Day Care for your children, while you go off and pay the tax bill as your adult daily ritual) To even call today’s educational methods “antiquated or out dated” would be flattering, to it’s stark reality today.

I also think some States attempting to pass legislation stating it will be illegal to home school your kids unless you or someone on premises posses teaching credentials from an accredited institution. Is them laying groundwork for this educational transition in America. You kids will learn from the licensed software they sell ya.

*List of school districts in New Jersey (Visually astonishing to say least waste of $)

How about the breakthrough in AI (Artificial intelligence) or should I say timely co responded  propaganda tech war w/ CHINA release of the IBM super > Watson


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I'm a 38 yr old, modern day Renaissance Man, Polymath, in ever sense of the words. Self educated genius no doubt. "The Police often questioned me, just because they found me interesting" (The Most Interesting Man in the World...drink Dos Equis I come from the last generation who knows what it was like before the computer age per se. The Rotary style phone to the iPhone I like to say. Don't be shocked by this below.......because it's only HALF of it! All true I assure you. Days of telling lies to myself and others are done. Masters Degree from the School of Hard Knocks. Double Doctorate PhD from Google University (like most will have in future). Jack of all trades. Jack Russel loving dog owner of 8yrs. Master of them all. 38 yr old heterosexual. Master electrician and stock trader now, wanna be fund manager, a never be nothing, political and economics junkie, former master safe cracker thief, liar, professional slot machine cheat, before tech advancement made me obsolete! A bad father, bad brother, bad son, and much more. Have been baker, cook, barber, teacher, student, ultra submissive lovers master, semi pro poker player. I'm a novice mathematician, mechanical genius ALL most would say. Sun worshiper, surfer, convicted felon at age 18. Five year prison stay from 18 until 24yrs old. Hence school of Hard Knocks Degrees. Amateur magician, Rubik's Cube solver, social algorithms developer, exponential growth being humanity's most powerful force. My mom was a closet drinker for much of my youth and worked night and slept all day. I am Drake Equation believer, a Luddite I think, student of great societal cyclicality in humanity. I've been shot, I've been stabbed, I've been loved more than life to some, and abandon by the same. Raised Catholic, now of the agnostic mindset. Frankly I dont care if God Almighty exist, for we have bigger problems as a species to solve. I'm speed reader semi cursed with photographic memory, say cursed for some memories are not good. Great pool player, better marksman, Have hunted and killed the beast. A believer information to the masses is more powerful than oil and gold put together. Occam's Razor believer, Rube Goldberg simplifier, Huge student of propaganda and all it's techniques, I wanna go to outer space someday before I die. I dont fear death. I fear not Livin'
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