Exponential advancement of medical technology, and where that will take us in regards to immortality as a species one day.

Originally written : Sunday, January 16, 2011 at 12:49pm

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords took a 9mm bullet to the back of her head, it exited through her eye socket, and she lost massive amounts of bodily blood on the scene.

But yet in today’s modern medicine world, she will more than likely be giving the a speech at the DNC (national convention) in 2012.  That wouldn’t have been the case only 10-15 years ago in trauma medicine. Hence the exponential advancement of medical technology, and where that will take us in regards to immortality as a species one day. Down to the radio communications call that went out when it (shooting) happened, and was responded to by EMS. From the time enhancement on test result diagnostics at scene and in ER. To the response time of EMS due to better and faster vehicles and remote control or computer traffic light controlling technology. It is all relevant!  And increasing at an exponential rate. That can not be denied or argued otherwise.

As for Cancer, the money and the economic byproduct ancillarys (economy) are not in finding the cure….it’s in the treatment of cancer, and the long-term research, in search of IT!

It also serves population control agenda. Thats not crazy talk…lets call it what it is and put the cards on the table! Example: How can they even talk or implement a national health-care program and have cigarettes still being manufactured and sold into society? How can ya tell people to pay  for the health care of those smoke and are in essence dragging the system. Because tobacco is big tax REVS and the kill off the numbers we need them to do.  Now thats crazy!

But back to Immortality as a species. From discovery of penicillin to fight infections, to X-Ray technology making exploratory surgery and trauma to body no long necessary to diagnose and treat. Child Birthing conditions. The list goes on and on. The biggest thing is clean drinking water and sewer removal. That has done more for longevity of the species than anything. And just think of all the heavy populated countries now living in squalor that are about to develop civilized infrastructure that will eradicate alot of disease and increase world population #’s and longevity.

And DNA understanding and the technology to create and screen for the perfect human specimens to regenerate the gene pool…..generation after generation after generation.

‎”It may be that our role on this planet is not a worship God, but to create IT”~Sir Arthur Charles Clarke

…That’s an interesting concept when you think of the harnessed collective consciousness the Internet has brought to our species….yes? And the never ending exponential advancements in technology and where that will take us with regards to religion.

The Almighty Voice From Above…might someday be the best of our collective gene pool who emigrated off of this planet either in the future or in it’s past.

May the Force be with you!……LOL


Blog update:

November 24, 2011 1:16 PM

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I'm a 38 yr old, modern day Renaissance Man, Polymath, in ever sense of the words. Self educated genius no doubt. "The Police often questioned me, just because they found me interesting" (The Most Interesting Man in the World...drink Dos Equis beer...lol) I come from the last generation who knows what it was like before the computer age per se. The Rotary style phone to the iPhone I like to say. Don't be shocked by this below.......because it's only HALF of it! All true I assure you. Days of telling lies to myself and others are done. Masters Degree from the School of Hard Knocks. Double Doctorate PhD from Google University (like most will have in future). Jack of all trades. Jack Russel loving dog owner of 8yrs. Master of them all. 38 yr old heterosexual. Master electrician and stock trader now, wanna be fund manager, a never be nothing, political and economics junkie, former master safe cracker thief, liar, professional slot machine cheat, before tech advancement made me obsolete! A bad father, bad brother, bad son, and much more. Have been baker, cook, barber, teacher, student, ultra submissive lovers master, semi pro poker player. I'm a novice mathematician, mechanical genius ALL most would say. Sun worshiper, surfer, convicted felon at age 18. Five year prison stay from 18 until 24yrs old. Hence school of Hard Knocks Degrees. Amateur magician, Rubik's Cube solver, social algorithms developer, exponential growth being humanity's most powerful force. My mom was a closet drinker for much of my youth and worked night and slept all day. I am Drake Equation believer, a Luddite I think, student of great societal cyclicality in humanity. I've been shot, I've been stabbed, I've been loved more than life to some, and abandon by the same. Raised Catholic, now of the agnostic mindset. Frankly I dont care if God Almighty exist, for we have bigger problems as a species to solve. I'm speed reader semi cursed with photographic memory, say cursed for some memories are not good. Great pool player, better marksman, Have hunted and killed the beast. A believer information to the masses is more powerful than oil and gold put together. Occam's Razor believer, Rube Goldberg simplifier, Huge student of propaganda and all it's techniques, I wanna go to outer space someday before I die. I dont fear death. I fear not Livin'
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  1. Ralph Macchio says:

    I often times buy crack from blacks & they are much more intelligent than you are. Are you severely retarded or did you huff massive amounts of glue as a child? You’re the absolute worst!

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