Does gambling morally corrupt and economically degenerate a society?

Does gambling morally corrupt and economically degenerate a society?

originally written : Saturday, January 22, 2011 at 10:47pm

Do you think it was good or bad that under George W. Bush, America  BANNED Internet gambling by it’s citizens? A move to do so, not just because of it not being able to be taxed accordingly. The technology was well in place at the time do so if they wanted to, and even more so today.

It was almost responsible for the USA  getting tossed from the WTO in fact.

I am of the contention the USA ban on Internet gambling is good for American society at this point. I do not however share that logic when it comes to the economical and societal needs of the “just now starting out” developing countries and it’s economies around the globe. When it comes to the benefits of gaming tax revenues. We’re (the USA) are at a vastly different societal developmental stage/ place than most in the world.

Online gambling addiction per se, and in my opinion at least, also it’s ‘ill societal bi-products’.  Is significantly enhanced and its potential ill societal ramifications increased. Due to its accessibility and ease. Mainly its isolated anonymity from the home cocoon, catalyzed with it just ‘being too darn easy’, to enter the mindset of ‘ regiment wagering of  just point click and bet’ with the total disregard of your lifes savings going down the tubes.

In most cases betting over ones head and not with it!

And bye-bye goes juniors college fund, the mortgage payment, the family home and it’s hard earned equity, the weekly grocery and diaper money. I listed all them to emphasize the better use of risking something so vital and hard earned on your part, on something that is more than likely rigged against you even winning.  Getting a “fair shake” as an online gambler in today’s ‘digital mastered world’ is slim to none!  1 in 5000 know what it actually is that is making your computer and the Internet work. So even less know its peepholes, back-doors, and escape hatches.  Basically most online wagerers are pigeons waiting to be plucked!

“If in the first 30 minutes of a poker game, you don’t know who the sucker is at the table…chances are…it’s YOU”~ WC Fields first said it


Also note: I am a little biased towards gambling. I watched my father gamble away a thriving family business when gaming came to Atlantic City in early 1980′s. It also lead to much family instability.


June 30, 2009

Vladimir Putin gambling law banishes Russian casinos to Siberian exile


Notes from on topic:

I would and WILL support online gaming WHEN the end of online anonymity comes
about. And the world of civility enter the WEB. People will be more courteous,
less criminal in malicious intent in some cases, and 10 other things/benefits I
could mention off top of head. And when wagers are not private. So the world can
see exactly HOW MUCH and WHO exactly is wasting their lives away and fucking up
the system and the statuesque per say. I am a BIG advocate of ending online
anonymity for a multitude of reasons. And before you even say: “well what about
online porn then?…should that be known to the public? what type of Freak you
like to get on? NO….for what you like to do sex wise is different from the
economical severity that the easy access of online gaming brings about so
easily. PORN is free on the net anyway (more and more each day in fact…do to
the advent and advancement of social networking)….online poker or worse yet
some {{virtual slot machine}} or computer craps dice game, that you are wagering
your hard-earned money on………IS A “COMPUTER”…whose sole purpose is to
make money for its operator. WHAT? ya think it is to give ya a fair shake at
making $$ ?……you’re an idiot if you can’t see you are a sucker if gambling
online. And ya need to be slapped and the world needs to see you’re a fool! And
for the Government to facilitate that is even crazier. Just to make a buck in
tax revs.

The reason the ONLY game I  wager on in a casino…gamble on >>> is POKER!
Against other humans and tangible things I can touch and situations I can
maximise my control over and minimize my risk at. Not some computer supposedly shuffling and dealing me cards against players that i think are real and dont even really exist but in a BOT program….….lol

I was born at night….but not last night!


Interesting Steve, I paid for my grad school tuition at the poker table.
Earnings beat has a strange familiarity to a bad beat on the river. Have
completely lost my taste for the poker room though. Esp since I prefer stud to

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